Trucking Companies in USA for Transportation: Basically, Transportation takes a major place in the type of fields. Generally, Vehicles required to transport any goods or products. And, for the food products or anything to transport from one location to another. Particularly, heavy vehicles play a major role in heavyweight product transportation. Next, transportation includes not only from one place to another place. But also used to pick up the good from the trains, ships, and another transporter.

In the United States, the heavy vehicle industry improves 80% of the economy of the nation. Generally, most people prefer to do trucking business. In this article, we are providing information about trucking companies. Simply, follow with us and know the trucking company’s details and then select the better one to transport your goods.

Top Heavy Vehicle Companies:

Here, we are going to give the trucking companies details in the United States based on their priority. Nearly, 1.2 million trucking companies are operating in the United States. They are

  1. H.O Wolding, Inc
  2. Nussbaum Transportation
  3. Pride Transport Inc
  4. Walmart
  5. TMC Transportation
  6. Sammons Trucking
  7. Jim Palmer Trucking
  8. Western Distribution Transportation Corp
  9. United Parcel Service or UPS
  10. Federal express corporation ( Fed Ex)
  11. J.B Hunt Transport Company
  12. Schneider National
  13. Roadway Express
  14. YRS Freight System, and etc..

Trucking companies with location details

1. UPS: Officially, UPS Located in Atlanta and established in 1907
2. Fed Ex: Officially, Federal express corporation established in 1971 and located in Memphis, Tenn.
3. XPO Logistics: It was established in 1989 and placed in Greenwich, Conn.
4. J. B. Hunt Transportation Services: It was started in 1961 and located in Lowell, Ark
5. Schneider: Placed in Green Bay, Wis, and started in 1935.

Like this, the number of trucking companies is there in the United States for transportation.

Best Trucking Companies to CDL Training:

  1. Maverick Transportation
  2. Jim Palmer Trucking
  3. TMC
  4. YRC Freight
  5. XPO Logistics

Top Revenue Generated Trucking Companies in the USA:

1. UPS Inc: United Parcel Service, 60 billion dollars
2. FedEx Corp: Federal Express Corporation generates 57 billion dollars
3. XPO Logistics: Nearly 14.61 billion dollars
4. J.B Hunt Transportation: Generates nearly 6.55 billion dollars
5. YRC Worldwide: 4.69 billion dollars
6. Schneider: Nearly 4.04 billion dollars
7. Swift Transportation: Nearly equal to 4.03 billion dollars
8. Hub Group: Nearly, 3.57 billion dollars
9. Land star System: Estimates, 3.1 billion dollars
10. TFI International: Nearly, 3.03 billion dollars

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