How to Prepare for IRS Form 2290 Deadline? Did you e-file 2290 Tax Form for the tax year 2021-22? If “No”, then hurry up because 2290 Tax season is ahead. You need to file HVUT returns before the deadline to avoid IRS 2290 penalties. So, when you need to gather the required information to file the tax returns.

Getting tensed? Don’t worry! We will let you know by providing the information to prepare for IRS Form 2290 deadlines beforehand. Furthermore, you’ll get to know about the importance of FUM of the vehicle when filing the tax returns.

What you will need to file Form 2290?

To file Form 2290 quickly, you require several pieces of information on hand. Make sure to gather the following information before Form 2290 filing online:

  • Ensure to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about your business. This includes business name, address, and EIN. Provide an EIN that is valid and matches the business information you’re providing.
  • Provide the vehicle details that you’re going to file. This includes FUM, VIN, gross weight of the vehicle, and mileage limit of the vehicle. The gross weight helps in estimating the truck tax and mileage limits provide the details of the vehicle category. So, don’t provide VIN whose HVUT form was filed and taxes are paid previously.

How does 2290 due date depend on First Use Month of the vehicle?

When you purchase a taxable vehicle to use on public roads, you’re responsible to file 2290 Form immediately once the vehicle is placed in service. 2290 due dates depend on the First Use Month of the vehicle. The FUM of the vehicle is the month in which the heavy vehicle started using national highways. So, the deadlines of Form 2290 for each month is the last day of the next month. Following table helps you to file HVUT return as per the vehicle’s FUM for the tax year 2021-22:

Vehicle’s FUMKey date to file 2290 HVUT
July 2021August 31st 2021
August 2021September 30th 2021
September 2021October 31st 2021
October 2021November 30th 2021
November 2021December 31st 2021
December 2021January 31st 2022
January 2022February 28th 2022
February 2022March 31th 2022
March 2022April 30th 2022
April 2022May 31st 2022
May 2022June 30th 2022
June 2022July 31st 2022

When are 2290 Tax Forms due to the IRS annually?

According to the IRS 2290 tax season begins from July 1st of the current tax year and ends by June 30th of the following tax year. The truck owners need to file their Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290s annually by August 31st every year. To avoid the penalties and interests, the IRS recommends every truck driver to file HVUT tax returns within the due date.

For instance, if you’re using an existing vehicle for the tax period 2021-22 to operate business with US, then file the tax return by August 31st 2021. Furthermore, pay the taxes in advances to use public highways.

Which vehicles requires Form 2290?

Given below are the categories of vehicles that require 2290 Tax Form:

Taxable Vehicles

Any highway motor vehicle with gross weight 55,000 pounds or more is taxable when it uses public roads for more than 5,000 miles in a tax period. Furthermore, the trucker who operate business using taxable vehicles must file 2290 return with the IRS and pay road tax for using highways.

Suspended vehicles

Heavy vehicle that uses national highways for less than 5,000 miles within United States are suspended vehicles. These vehicles must be reported by filing IRS 2290 Form under suspension category and exempted in paying truck taxes.

Why to e-file 2290 with Form 2290 Filing?

Given below are the reasons to e-file 2290 Tax Form with Form 2290 Filing:

  • The IRS stamped 2290 schedule 1 is made available instantly after the IRS accepts your return.
  • No math requires as the taxes are automatically calculated online by the HVUT calculator.
  • The truckers can experience 100% accurate e-filing. 2290 filing was made hassle-free with simple and easy steps.
  • Comfortable filing from your personal computer, smartphone, and tablet.
  • Store your Schedule 1 copies for a minimum of 3 years and for a longer period with the help of a cloud storage mechanism.
  • Finally, no more standing in the lines at the nearby IRS offices. Register for free and upload multiple VINs at once for a tax period.

2290 Tax Online provides hassle-free e-filing services. We provide a US-based customer support team available 24*7 to resolve queries that occur during filing time. Finally, we are accepting pre-filing 2290 returns for the tax year 2021-22. Hurry up! Create an e-filing account for free and have multiple access.

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